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January is National Polka Month!

Polka Queens

Wednesday January 25
Songbird Cafe
4 singer/songwriters, 7:30pm Focal Point
Burns Night
annual tribute to Scottish poet Robert Burns,
music by Duddy Breeks in the Club Room, 7:00pm Schlafly Taproom

Thursday January 26
Chamber Jazz Project
4 piece jazz group with Dave Black, 8:00pm Joe's Cafe


Friday January 27
Celtic folk/pop duo, 8:00pm Focal Point
Raw Earth & Final Veil Dancers
world beat & belly dancers, 9:00pm Schlafly Taproom

Saturday January 28

River Bend
traditional bluegrass, 8:00pm at Focal Point


Sunday January 29

Doss Branch String Ticklers
contra dance with caller Dale Wilson, 7:00-10:00pm Monday Club


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Veux-tu DANSER
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